Booking Management

From listing your properties across multiple booking platforms to seamlessly coordinating guest stays, we handle it all. Trust us to take care of every detail as we make your property management journey seamless and professional.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaners are trained in-house by BNB Butler, are police checked and we always aim to send the same cleaner to your property each time. This helps ensure that the property is clean and consistently well-presented.

Linen Rental

A problem that’s not often talked about is having enough linen on hand to manage a listing - especially through peak seasons.

BNB Butler offers a linen rental service that ensures you always have linen on hand, that you don’t have to wash, or spend money replacing if it gets damaged.

24/7 Guest Support

We have a Melbourne based property manager on call 24/7 to ensure the best possible guest experience. We understand great communication is integral to a positive guest experience.

Property Inspections

We perform thorough property inspections on a regular basis to ensure a property is well maintained and that there are no major defects which might affect a property’s listing value.

Interior Design

Great furniture and design maximises return. By partnering with Grove Design Studio who offer tailored solutions for short term rentals, you can rest assured your property will be looking its best - ready to welcome guests and maximise return.


Our pay-outs for listings occur twice a month and monthly statements are also sent out.

Additionally, we have a quarterly catchup with property owners where we assess the performance for the last quarter and address any feedback or issues. We also assess and present projections for the quarter ahead.

Bnb Butler
Bnb Butler
Bnb Butler
Bnb Butler

“I have had my property listed with My BnB Butler for over four years and Charlotte and her team have been fabulous. Charlotte is honest, switched on and extremely responsive. She has a good team and strives for perfection.”


“Charlotte and her team have been managing our property in Elwood for some time and we can highly recommend them. We've had experience with other property managers up in the mountains, and you expect the occasional minor hiccup, and Charlotte's crew have been very reliable”.

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